Sidewalk Engineering Program

Sidewalk Reimbursement Program – Non-Special Assessment

To participate in the Sidewalk Reimbursement program, homeowners must contact the city engineering department at 906-632-5734. Residents may only participate if the work is not part of a larger special assessed sidewalk program.


Budget Review and Quote

If the sidewalk is not part of a special assessment program, the engineering department will review the program budget and then request a written quote for the work. If there are funds for reimbursement, the homeowner will be informed of the following requirements to qualify:


The city will pay up to 50% of the quoted work which is not to exceed a rate of $6.12 per square foot of 4 INCH depth sidewalk for regular sidewalk and/or $8.12 per square foot of 6 INCH depth sidewalk across driveway approaches.


After the homeowner submits a written quote, the city will determine how much to reimburse to the homeowner. Then, the city will follow up with the homeowner prior to filing for a permit. If there are no funds, the case is closed.


Permit and Approval of Work

If the quote is approved then the contractor and or homeowner can apply for the sidewalk construction permit, which can be found on the city engineering website or by clicking the link: Permits and Applications


If the permit is not approved, the case is closed. If the permit is approved, then work can be approved by the city if the specs listed on the permit are met. Work shall be done in accordance with the permit and actual quantities with depth of pour are to be recorded. Homeowners will pay the contractor and then be reimbursed half of the quoted work that follows the sidewalk program regulations, and applicable permit costs.