Adding a City Street Light

Adding a City Street Light
One of the objectives of the City is to maintain safety among the residents. One way to achieve this is through well-lit streets and sidewalks. Please refer to the following to better understand the City process for adding a streetlight. Each light is reviewed closely because there will be a fee for installation, monthly use, and future maintenance.

Street Light Inspections
Residents with specific concerns or requests regarding adding a streetlight may contact the Engineering Department at 906-632-5734. The desired location will be researched to determine the proximity to the nearest streetlight. From here, the City will decide if a streetlight would be warranted and beneficial. If it is determined beneficial, then the information that was researched is submitted to Cloverland Electric Corporation so they can provide the city with a price quote. If the streetlight was determined unnecessary, then the case is closed, and no further action is needed.

Street Light Installation
If a streetlight is determined to be warranted and it is approved according to the City, then the City, at its sole discretion, can give permission to Cloverland Electric Cooperative to install the light.