• Obtain information on City streets and utilities

  • Obtain utility or other right-of-way related permit applications

The City Engineering Department provides the public with information and services on the following topics

  • Water main, sanitary sewer and storm sewer locations

  • Rights-of-way & existing plats

  • Develop, maintain and manage city maps

  • Historical data, aerial photos, an topographic maps

  • Utility and other right-of-way related permit applications and requirements

  • Permit applications for various Federal and State construction permits

  • Design, estimating, contract preparation, surveying, construction engineering, inspection services & contract administration on City projects.

  • Site plan reviews related to Engineering Department concerns.

  • Assist Planning & Development Department with zoning issues, grant applications, and other issues.

  • Assist Building Department with zoning issues, setback information, and other issues.

  • Provide Assessor's Office with special assessment information and documentation.

  • Traffic count collection/administration.

  • Assist Street, Water and Sewer and Parks & Recreation Departments with various projects.

  • City address assignments.

  • Traffic engineering services, including traffic sign inventory management.

  • Tree removal policy administration.

  • Development of City GIS System

  • Permits: Parades, Street Closures, Storm & Sanitary Sewer, Sidewalk, Curb Cut

Geographic Information System (GIS Mapping)

Statewide Search for Subdivision Plats Web Site 

Statewide Search for Remonumentation Data Web Site


City Engineer (906) 632-5733

Engineering Project Specialist (906) 632-5734

Engineering Technician/GIS Specialist (906) 632-5731

Staff Engineer, (906) 632-5732