Refuse and Recycling

Request Service:

To request refuse and/or recycling services from GFL call 906-635-3380 or visit GFL online!

Curbside Recycling Rules:

Curbside pick-up of recyclable materials is available to residents within the City Limits of Sault Ste. Marie.

To receive this service, you must use one of the following containers (available at the office address listed above):

  • 18 gallon bin from GFL ($10 purchase price)
  • 64 gallon tote from GFL ($20 deposit + tag price)

Curbside Rules and Schedule:
Recycleables are picked up on the SECOND and FOURTH Tuesday of every month.
Place your recycling bin at the end of your driveway before 7:00 am.

Acceptable Items:

  • Plastics that are labeled #1 or #2. Must be rinsed clean.
  • Steel & aluminum cans. Must be rinsed clean.
  • Newspapers, magazines, and white paper.

Items that are not listed above will not be picked up. Absolutely NO GLASS.
For any questions regarding curbside pickup within the City, please call 906-635-3380.

GFL - Green for Life

3239 W M-28
Brimley, MI 49715
(906) 635-3380

For more information view: GFL online!