Leaf Pickup


All residents are asked to observe the following rules to provide for a safe, efficient cleanup.

  1. These collections are for leaves, grass clippings and soft garden debris only. NO wooden stalky materials are allowed as the leafing machine cannot pick that type of material up. NO garbage is allowed. All collected material will be composted.
  1. Pile yard debris on the lawn next to the street edge, NOT in the gutter or on street pavement. Keep yard debris in front of your own property. Do not pile on vacant adjacent properties. Motorists are asked to avoid parking in positions that block access to leaf piles, or they will not be picked up.
  1. Crews will collect loose or paper landscaping bagged leaves in the fall until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving or as weather permits and in the spring until the Friday before Memorial Day. If you choose to bag your yard debris, only paper landscape yard waste bags are permitted. Plastic bags will not be collected. Bags containing garbage or other rubbish mixed with the yard debris will not be collected.
  1. The compost site schedule will be posted online and paper copies available in the mailbox next to the 24-hour drop-off shelter in the spring once weather allows. Any yard waste will be accepted but brush will be limited to one pickup load per day.