Auxiliary Police

History of the Auxiliary Police

During the years of World War II it was realized that the number of local law enforcement officers was insufficient to protect our City in the event this area was target of enemy bombs. An auxiliary police force was recruited and trained to alleviate this situation. In May of 1952 this organization was re-activated with a number of the original members and new ones joining.  The members of this organization have volunteered their time without pay and have worked many hours to assist the City Police Department.

To Join the Auxiliary

This organization starts its hiring process by reviewing the initial employment application materials.  If the application passes the initial review, it will then be forwarded to the Police Captain to conduct a background (criminal history) and driver record. If the applicant clears the background check, an interview will be conducted by the Police Captain, Assistant Coordinator of Auxiliary, and one Police Sergeant.  After intense questioning, the interview board will make a recommendation regarding the applicant to the general Auxiliary membership. The general membership will then decide to vote the applicant into the organization.

Once in the department, the new applicant will be placed on a one-year probationary period. This period serves as an introductory time where the applicant can display good moral character and show the officers that they can conduct themselves properly in strenuous situations.


The police department auxiliary has been involved in many activities though out the community. Such as providing security for numerous athletic events and traffic control for city events.