Public Employees Health Plans (PEHP)

The PEHP was established under PA 149 of 1999, to provide funding for healthcare in retirement. The board for each fund is responsible for overseeing administration of the plan, including meeting investment goals and making distributions to retirees in accordance with actuarially determined amounts, paid upon retirement and as a single payment or annually over a period of years after retirement.

Meeting Schedule

  • Meetings are annually in July or August and as need mid-year in the Mayor's Conference room in City Hall.  However, they can be cancelled or rescheduled if necessary. The Board meetings are governed by the latest edition of Roberts’ Rules of Order.


  • All members serve indefinite terms.

Board Members

  • The board consist of five (5) members, a neutral member, two City representatives as approved by the City Commission and two representatives (active members) from respective units. The City Commission authorizes one Commissioner to act as Liaison and who is a non-voting participant.


Please email the completed application to the Deputy City Manager, rtroyer [at] Interested applicants who cannot email the application may print it out and submit it in person at the Clerk's Office located in City Hall. For questions, please call (906) 632-5715.