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 Executive Secretary
   Ph: (906) 632-5745

Executive Secretary 
   Ph: (906) 632-5744





John Riley assumed the position of Police Chief in February of 2011 following the retirement of the Police Chief of 15 years Lou Murray in November of 2010.  Chief Riley came to us from Center Line, Michigan, where he retired as Public Safety Officer after 20 years of service, only to return as Chief where he served in this capacity for 3 years after a 2 year sabbatical during which he worked with St. Clair County as Court Bailiff and as a Project Leader at Baker College. 


Chief Riley holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Safety Administration from Baker College.


Chief (906) 632-5744



Captain (906) 632-5744



The police department has three detectives and one detective sergeant. Their duties include investigation in major cases. They also perform interrogation and follow-up work on complaints.


Kristen Autore (906) 632-5751 or Email


Brad LaCross (906) 632-5753 or Email


Darrell Harp, Detective Sgt. (906) 632-5752 or Email



The police department has four patrol sergeants and one detective sergeant. Their duties include the supervision of all department employees, including patrolman and detectives. 


To contact a Patrol Sergeant, please call (906) 632-5756






The Police Department performs the following tasks:


Delivery of Police Services 24 hours/day, 7 days/wk


Investigation of and prevention of crime


Parking enforcement/records (632-5746)


Police Auxiliary Services (632-5744)


Detective Bureau (632-5750)


Animal Control Division (Complaints 632-3344) (General Information 632-1993 Ext 422)


The Police Department provides crime prevention material and programs. Call 632-5744, 9 AM-5PM Monday-Friday


Please obey traffic laws and ordinances


If you have information concerning any crime please contact the department directly or through our web page.


Report suspicious activity immediately when possible. Your assistance is needed and appreciated



 Prescription Drop Box


The Sault Ste. Marie Police Department, Fire Department, and War Memorial Hospital Employees now sponsor an

unwanted prescription drop box. The box is located in the lobby of the Police Department at 401 Hursley. It is for no

longer needed prescription pills and capsules.


Just notify the clerk or officer at the desk that you will be depositing medications, dump the pills in the deposit tray,

and close it. This will help reduce the amount of medications making their way into the watershed and onto the streets.


The box is available to the public Monday through Friday, except holidays, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Please do not include the pill bottles or any liquids. No commercial use please (i.e. Doctors offices or Pharmacies).








The Sault Ste. Marie City Police Department is now a drop off point for your used cell phones. Bring your old

cellphones in and put them in the ammo can sitting on our counter. The goal is to help our soldiers serving

overseas call home by providing prepaid phone cards. Click the banner to go directly to the web site.




Send Anonymous Crime Tips to our Department


 Auxiliary Police

Currently the organization has 25 members.



The police department auxiliary has been involved in many activities though out the community. Such activities

are providing security for numerous athletic events and traffic control for city events.

Here are some other activities the auxiliary has been involved in:
Security for Soo Locks Festival * Kids Day at Avery Center * Halloween Night * I-500 Week * Sault High

School Basketball, Football, Dances * 4th of July Fireworks * Natural Disasters * Toughman Contest

* 3 on 3 Basketball * Traffic Control for Laker Hockey Games * Traffic Control for City Parades

* Security for W.M.H. Staff






During the years of World War II it was realized that the number of local law enforcement officers was insufficient to protect out city in the event this area was target of enemy bombs. An auxiliary police force was recruited and trained to alleviate this situation. In May of 1952 this organization was re-activated with a number of the original members and new ones joining.
The Auxiliary Police have aided the regular police during serious fires, parades, and city activities.
The members of this organization have voluntered their time without pay and have worked many hours to assist the police department.



This organization starts its hiring process by reviewing the initial paper application. Here the individual must have a clean criminal and driving record. If the application passes the initial review it will then be forwarded to the sergeants to investigate the character of the applicant. Once the applicant is approved by the sergeants, they are requested to appear by the interview board. After intense questioning, the interview board will make recommendations regarding the applicant to the general membership. The general membership will then decide to vote the applicant into the organization.

Once in the department, the new applicant will be placed on a one year probationary period. This period serves as an introductory time where the applicant can display good moral character and show the officers that they can conduct themselves properly in strenuous situations.

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7am - 5pm


Dispatch: (906) 632-3344
Records Office: 632-5744
Detective Bureau: 632-5750
FAX: 632-6618



401 Hursley Street

Sault Ste Marie, MI