Parks & Recreation

A service oriented department with a high frequency of public contact, public interaction and public involvement.  Department provides maintenance and upkeep of over thirty (30) parks, multiple buildings and facilities.

The department also operates services, building operations and maintenance of:


  • Pullar Community Building

  • Sault Seal Recreation Area

  • Kaines Rink

  • Charles T. Harvey Marina

  • Riverside Cemetery

  • Maple Ridge Cemetery

  • Malcolm Park Ball field Complex

  • Sherman Park and Campground

  • Community Gardens

  • Skateboard/Bike Park


Recreation Organizations



Also, the department coordinates various administrative agreements with the operation of the cities George Kemp Downtown Marina, Aune-Osborn Campground, Historic Structures on Water Street and various events on city hall grounds, parks and facilities.



Office Coordinator, Dept. of Public Works


For Information on Sherman Park, Aune Osborn Campground, or Ski Hill, Please Contact:

(906) 632-5768


For Pullar or Ice Scheduling, Please Contact:

(906) 632-5768


For Information On Cemeteries Please Contact:

(906) 632-5768  or, (906)635-5111


To Reach the Parks & Recreation Director, please call

(906) 632-5768