Parking Deck

The City of Sault Ste. Marie operates a three story parking garage that is available to the public and can accommodate up to 400 vehicles. The garage is located across from War Memorial Hospital, on Gov. Osborn Blvd., south of Spruce St., and just a couple blocks walking distance from Portage and Ashmun Avenues (Downtown).


Parking spaces are available through permits or on an hourly basis.


Standard Garage Permits:

  • Permits $345/annually, $95/quarterly, $35/monthly

  • Reserved Standard Parking Garage Permits $425/annually


Hourly Fees:

  • 1st 15 minutes = grace period

  • Per Hour = $1.50

  • 24 hour daily maximum = $14.00


  With a permit, the gate is operated by the use of a prox card.

Non-permit fees are paid at the automated gate upon  leaving the garage.


Don’t forget to pick up you free tourism information and map on the ground floor of the stairwell.