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 Catholic and Protestant Section Map

Riverside Cemetery was established in 1890.  The Catholic section of the cemetery was opened in 1901, after the closing of Maple Ridge Cemetery. Riverside has over 20,000 burials, and is situated on 80 acres of land, 40 of which is currently developed, with the other 40 acres slated for future use.

Riverside Cemetery is a perpetual care cemetery. Riverside offers chapel services in an on site chapel in addition to grave-side services. The cemetery has available burial space for purchase by the public.

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Riverside Cemetery Rules & Regulations

Protestant Section: List of Burials
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Catholic Section: List of Burials
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Riverside Cemetery



Maple Ridge Cemetery was a village cemetery that closed in 1901. Maple Ridge is no longer used for burials and is a local historic site. There are approximately 200-300 burials within the cemetery, and all of the cemetery records are handwritten; those records are being entered into the same computer program as Riverside Cemetery. Plans to refurbish this cemetery are presently in progress. For information about Maple Ridge Cemetery, inquire at Riverside Cemetery.

 Maple Ridge Information

Maple Ridge Cemetery